Frank’s Building Solutions has a great knowledge expertise and know on floor tiles, particularly, Ceramic, Porcelain, Slate, Marble, Travertine and Terra cotta Tiles. Consequently;

we supply a wide range of tiles and tile accessories for specific areas and we will beat any price - Tile for Tile, Product for Product.

Tiling is not just covering your floors with those square, rectangular decorative materials, but it is an art, a skill of blending, matching and contrasting colours. Frank’s Building Solutions provides expect advise on the wide range of tile specifications, application depending on the area to be fitted and the usage, thus, domestic, industrial or commercial.

There are various factors to be taken into account when choosing and before laying the tiles which include:

i)  Site / Area
     . Indoors
     . Out door
     . Domestics, Industrial or Commercial
     . Exposure to water or liquids
     . Exposure to heavy duty materials.
     . Cement surface
     . Wooden Surface

ii)  Tile Specifications

     . Porosity
     . Traffic high or Low
     . High Gloss
     . Matt Finish
     . Non Slip
     . Phi Rating

T1              T2

                                 Tiling   (Completed work)                                                                        Cladding (Completed work)  



Travertine is dominated by beige and neutral colors and epitomizes the look and texture of natural stone. The stone is a smooth and very hard substance further characterized by its porous surface. Travertine is naturally beautiful – a smooth, dense stone that exhibits a notable creamy color.

* Natural Stone Tiles are a product of nature. No two pieces will be identical in characteristics or appearance. Variations of veining, shade, or color are inherent in all tiles.

S1        S2        S3        S4



Marble is the champion of stone texture and appearance. Marble has the ability to make bold visual statements. The depth and variety of this natural stone in terms of contrasting vein and base colors makes this so appealing for high-end, chic decor.

D1        D2        D3        D4



Mosaic tiles are most popular for wet floors, but they can also act as a nice, contrasting border for your tile. The most common place for a mosaic mural is the backsplash in your kitchen. Many kitchens are designed with a naturally-framed area above the range and a creative mural can create a stunning accent for your kitchen.

P1      P2      P3      P4      P5

                                                                                                                             We just don’t tile, we lay them right.