The system provides a means to monitor guards in the performance of their duties as well as additional safety precautions such as panics and alerts when guards are under threat. Guards are equipped with Sefeko hand-held units that they carry with them when patrolling a route. The patrol hardware makes use of qua-ba. GSM Technology to receive voice calls and or communicate in real-time with the Sefeko Web Based Monitoring Software. It uses Near Field communication technology to scan for RFID tags place along a Guard Route and GPD technology to relay tracking and location information on Security Personnel.

Real-time guard route information is processed by Sefeko server to alert managers about any problems detected. Problem notifications (alerts) are sent via SMS or e-mail and the system send daily, weekly and monthly guard activity reports via e-mail.

Real-time Sefeko patrol hardware and Sefeko web-based server software allows you to configure, monitor and manage your Guard Patrols in real time form any device with a web browser in internet access: Office PC, Home PC, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone.

Both the GSM Patrol Hardware and the online monitoring software were designed and developed in South Africa by Gendac (Pty) Ltd, a company that has been creatinginnovative solutions since 1998.

Type of cover:
General Public Liability
Pollution Liability
Security Risks cover
Professional Indemnity

The company provides employees with uniforms designed for their specific security criteria. Our client should feel comfort and respected to their security staff so that visitors and their staff should not embarrass and intimidate them.

A complete uniform consists out of

Security Guards are well trained, always in good health and disciplined. All the guards are registered with the security officer’s board. Guards are also trained for different grades according to their duties.

Each company determines the extent of documentation required depending on the size of the company. Documentation enables communication of intent and consistency of action and contributes to:

The customer’s requirements and quality improvement
The following documents used by Frank Building Solutions Security Division

Occurrence Book is always kept in the main Security Guardroom.

The names of the Guard coming and going off duty must be entered during staff change and each member must sign next to his or her name.

All major incidents must be entered in the Occurrence book in RED PEN and an incident report must be completed.

Attendance register is a legal document used for the recording of dates and times worked by all Frank Building Solutions Security Division Staff posted to a particular site.

The time sheet period is from 25th of every month and ends on the 24th of the following month.

This is an Frank Building Solutions Security Division Services document which must be completed on a daily basis by the relevant employee. This document reflects all the details such as day and night shifts, hours worked, sick leave and rest days.