In this Endeavour Frank’s Building Solutions intends to make a difference to its clients at large by offering a one-stop value added security solution, combining technology, intelligence and specialised manpower. This brings increased quality and value for money to our clients.

Using technology and process innovations, we create operating plans for you that are both requirement-focused and cost-effective. Whether you’re a major property management company, a national financial institution, a regional retail center or any other organization or individual, Frank’s Building Solutions designs and deploys custom security services that fulfill all your requirements.


We intend to provide a peace of mind and security to our clients through securing and protecting their wealth, valuables and assets from unscrupulous societal elements and unauthorized guests by providing a the art of human and non human security systems that are beyond circumvention.



Frank’s Building Solutions is determined to combat crime in all our residing working and living areas at large 


Frank’s Building Solutions has a norm of truth, honesty and through which we have gained trust and Confidence with our clients.


Frank’s Building Solutions delivers the promised product (s) and services on time and beyond our customer’s expectations. Thus, we surpass Client Satisfaction by going the extra mile because we prioritise excellence.


Frank’s Building Solutions’ entire employees and management are driven by the zeal to deliver excellent services and their satisfaction goes beyond the monetary value they are catered for.


Fast Set-up

We're structured to provide dependable service from day one.

  • Seamless transition process
  • Fully integrated systems
  • Officers plus electronics

Full Customization

Our depth of experience enables us to provide a program designed to match your campus needs.

  • Business setting
  • School setting
  • Student population
  • Residential setting
  • Industrial setting
  • Commercial setting

Swot analysis

A management tool that helps us to closely monitor all activities in sectors where we deliver and serve with pride.


We will use the geographic set up of your premises to effectively and efficiently execute the task at hand, thus will capitalize maximal use of readily available resources. The client is advised of whatsoever technology upgrade or system device that needs to be introduced in our operating system to deliver the best service that surpasses our client’s expectations.


There are some other weaker areas with the set up, of the client’s premises. We therefore strengthen and rectify them with the client’s consent, and convert transform them to strengths. We capitalize on weaknesses identified in the appropriate clause; thereafter develop control measures to effectively deliver the service.


We are already at your doorstep to help solve security problems that may be a risk in your working environment. In sum, working together, communicating we can create and maintain a safer environment.

With accrued realization of our prime objectives we will advance towards achieving those, direct market issue.

Identifying security threats, this will give us time to accordingly process, analyse and handle to reduce further security threats by employing counter effective measures and devices where applicable and as per the client’s approval.
Frank’s Building Solutions offers a broad range of custom private, residential, industrial and commercial security services, which include:
      •  Uniformed, unarmed and plainclothes security services
      •  Armed guards, Patrol and alarm response
      •  Security consulting, system design, security surveys
      •  Background checks and investigative services
      •  Access Control, Special events coverage and crowd control
      •  Event Management

Rapid Resolution
We’re there when you need us. Receive response and support for emergencies.
      •  State-of-the art command and control center available to you 24/7
      •  Advanced customer service
      •  Decades of experience

The sites and institutions we serve use technology to stay on top of risk management issues, thus upon client approval.
      •  Instant report access
      •  Incident reporting
      •  Audit trails and Extranet

Local Contact
We let you handle complex needs with just one simple phone call.
     •  Armed Response
     •  Call the local office 24/7
     •  Relationships with local fire/police/Health
     •  Personalized service

On-Demand Security

We provide rapid access to extra security officers and industry experts.

  • Ability to provide a large contingency workforce quickly
  • Support customers with graduation, special events and sporting event coverage
  • Emergencies.

We will give you the Peace of Mind you deserve.