Residential & Commercial ( Interior / Exterior ) Property Painting

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It is recommended that every five years home owners give their homes a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint, and although some home owners are commendable fanatics they still employ the services of professional painters in South Africa to do the job.

The good news is that having a professional painters contractor in South Africa doing your painting, you can be sure that no short cuts are taken and the house will look good for another five years, the bad news is that many people go for the cheaper option like buying a can of paint and having the garden boy just paint over the old paint.

Here are some additional services that Frank Building Solutions Company provides:-

  • Checking walls for damp.
  • Scraping the current paint off to plaster level.
  • Using the correct paint for the job.
  • Less wastage of paint.

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Although that painting party sounds like hours of fun, the amount of paint and money that you waste by not hiring a professional painting company in South Africa is shocking. Also the amount of people that paint over the old paint only to realize a few months later that there is a problem with the damp proofing in the wall and have to get a team of professionals in anyway is shocking.

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