This Division expressly offers a vast range of specific cleaning services in various respective areas and as may be required.

Frank’s Building Solutions "Cleaning Division" provides commercial cleaning services mainly in Gauteng and seeks to expand nationally into the nine state provinces. Its services include carpet care, floor care, and trash removal, recycling programs, emergency service, and a clean green program, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning.

The company also offers supplies that range from hand towels, roll towels, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, trash liners, hand soap, and light bulbs. It serves business and commerce, commercial real estate, fitness centers property management, banking and financial, entertainment center, medical, national retail, school and university, auto dealership, places of worship, government, and convention center clients.

A leader in the industry
The Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning Systems network’s focus on accountability and performance has quickly established us as a leader in the cleaning industry, with corporate customers across the province, including small and mid-sized firms.

Swot Analysis
A management tool that helps us to closely monitor all activities in sectors where we deliver and serve with pride.
We would like to contribute towards your corporate objectives for your business sustainability.

We will use the geographic set up of your premises to effectively and efficiently execute the task at hand, thus will capitalize maximal use of readily available resources. The client is advised of whatsoever technology upgrade or system device that needs to be induced in our operating system to deliver the best service that surpasses our client’s expectations.

There are some other weaker areas with the set up, of the client’s premises. We therefore strengthen and rectify them with the client’s consent, and convert transform them to strengths. We capitalize on weaknesses identified in the appropriate clause; thereafter develop control measures to effectively deliver the service.

We are already at your doorstep to help solve hygiene problems that may be a constraint in your working environment. In sum, working together, communicating we can create and maintain a healthy environment. With accrued realization of our prime objectives we will advance towards achieving those, direct market issue.

Identifying threats, this will give us time to accordingly process, analyse and handle to reduce further health developments and opportunist individuals who litter without identifying the health strategies, thus bins that will be put and serviced accordingly.

Security & Safety
Trusting your facility’s service provider is at the top of your list. You can be assured that with Frank’s Building Solutions, you are guaranteed a uniformed, photo identified cleaner.

          Cleaner - Identification Card

We hold our integrity to the highest caliber, performing background checks and drug tests and making sure we only place the best of the best in your facility.
We make sure our teams are trained in all federal safety procedures, providing specialty training when necessary.

Restroom Care
     Make a Good impression..!

“One of the quickest ways to measure a company’s management effectiveness, employee morale and financial success may be to simply visit its restrooms.” Restroom hygiene is one of the most important things you can maintain for your facility, your employees and your bottom line – your customers.
Frank’s Building Solutions Restroom Cleaning Program

The Frank’s Building Solutions specialty Restroom Cleaning Program ensures that your restrooms maintain cleanliness and project a positive, fresh image. We use our special and specific Green Clean Bath & Bowl cleaner to clean and sanitize all fixtures like the sink, urinals, toilets, partitions, doors and


     Clean for Your Customers

For the sake of your customers, you want the best possible clean for the most intimate room in a facility. Things that affect the way your restroom is viewed are things like graffiti and the vandalization of walls and fixtures, odors, and broken – or worse, empty – fixtures. Have peace of mind knowing you can offer a clean and safe restroom for your customers and clients.
       Clean for Your Clients

The value of a specialized restroom cleaner demonstrates to your customers that the person waiting on them was not just cleaning the toilet. The Frank’s Building Solutions Restroom Cleaning Program ensures your facilities are cleaned to the highest degree of clean, your customers are comfortable and your employees can focus on the job they were hired and intended for.

When it comes to your employees, clean and sanitized restrooms can improve your productivity and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. By reducing and removing illness-causing germs and bacteria using our Restroom Cleaning Program, your restroom has a reduced risk of making your employees sick.

Basic and specialized commercial cleaning services
Frank’s Building Solutions – Cleaning division uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a wide range of basic and specialized domestic, commercial and industrial janitorial cleaning services, categorically-

Cleaning Services:-
Industry-Specific Expertise
Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning personnel have experience in handling unique office cleaning needs across different industries and business sectors. The Site Supervisors will work with you and your team to create a customized service schedule including special services so that your business receives a tailored cleaning program. Some of the industries in which Frank’s Building Solutions - Cleaning Division has expertise are:

(a) General Office.
Expertise in Offices

Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning personnel are specialized in delivering high-quality, customized office cleaning and commercial janitorial services to general office environments including accounting, insurance, real estate, law and administrative offices. So, no matter your environment or your needs, our deployed expert will be able to customize a cleaning regimen for you.

Floor Maintenance
Frank’s Building Solutions Cures Sick Floors Fast

FBS-Cleaning Division is dedicated to providing specialized cleaning solutions for hard floors, particularly tile and grout surfaces. Using state of the art technology, our unique cleaning method tackles even the most difficult problem floors. Our equipment can solve any commercial cleaning job, leaving your floor spotless and hygienic.

At Frank’s Building Solutions we do not use high pressure cleaning as this can damage loose grout or floor surfaces. Instead, we utilize the industry’s best equipment with unique, wash, scrub and dry technology. Using 90% less water and detergents than traditional cleaning methods enables Frank’s Building Solutions to work greener by using less energy, water and harsh chemicals that can damage the environment. We use superior Sani-Proof detergents that kill dangerous bacteria, including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and other bacteria often found in schools, health clubs, daycare centers, gyms, dormitories, locker rooms, medical offices and hospitals.

At Frank’s Building Solutions, the people who clean your floors are highly knowledgeable in their field of expertise. All Frank’s Building Solution services are delivered by fully insured, trained and experienced personnel. Our workforce is committed to providing the best in service each and every time. That is the FBS guarantee.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Cleaning Carpets is not an art. It’s a science.

Revive even the dirtiest carpets freshness with our unique processes. Let our experts work with you to determine how to make your carpets look their best – all the time. Choose from our extensive carpet cleaning services:

Spot Removal
Removes even the toughest spots. Effective on water, oil, alcohol and grease.

Extraction Cleaning
Deep cleans carpets. Makes carpets look new. Does not leave a sticky residue.

Bonnet, Foam or Mist Cleaning
- Low moisture – carpets dry fast so carpets back in service fast.
- Enhances carpet appearance, especially in high-traffic areas.

Carpet Protection
Repels water-, oil- and alcohol- based spots and dry soils works continuously – helps prevent spots from becoming stains.

Eliminates odors, fresh clean scent.

                                             ...Leave a lasting impression … of Excellence


A focus on exceptional customer service

As a customer, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will help ensure your customized cleaning schedule is followed and that you are satisfied with the service you receive.

(b). Multi-Tenant Facilities
Expertise in Multi-Tenant Buildings

As an owner or manager of a multi-tenant facility, it is important to find a janitorial services partner that is responsive to your needs and enhances the value of your property. Since 2007, the Frank’s Building Solutions has delivered high-quality, customized commercial cleaning in multi-tenant buildings.
The Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning personnel have expertise in handling the janitorial cleaning needs of the multi-tenant facilities including day-to-day cleaning, handling diverse tenant needs, adjusting for vacancy credits, and supplying and managing day porters. The equipment and extensive training of Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning personnel gives you the confidence that the services meet your expectations.

(c).  Auto Dealerships.

Expertise in Automotive

For more than seven years, the Frank’s Building Solutions has developed expertise in handling the janitorial cleaning needs of the automotive industry. The cleanliness of your car dealerships, showrooms and service areas are essential to customer impressions and sales, which is why it is vital to keep high-traffic floors, waiting rooms and sales manager offices clean and free from dust and clutter.

Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning personnel have expertise in handling the janitorial cleaning needs of the automotive industry - from cleaning the front desk, offices, service bays, showrooms and windows to concerns about grease, grime, and valuable inventories. The equipment and the extensive training of Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise owners give you the confidence that the services meet your expectations.

(d). Fitness Centers.

Expertise in Fitness Centers

Your customers expect a clean and healthy space to exercise in. That’s why your janitorial service provider has to accommodate challenging schedules and consistently furnish the services needed to keep your fitness center in great shape.

The Frank’s Building Solutions Cleaning personnel have expertise in handling the janitorial cleaning needs of fitness centers – from detailed cleaning of the front desk, office, lockers, equipment rooms, showers and windows, to the larger concerns about your fitness center’s cleanliness. The specialized equipment and the extensive training of Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise owners give you the confidence that the services meet your expectations.

Contact an FBS - Cleaning representative today to find out how easy and affordable truly clean floors can be on +27 (0) 11 057 6786.