* In this Division, Frank Building Solutions expressly offers a vast range of specific construction services in various respective areas and as may be required.


Our Values

We aim for excellence in the design, construction and management of all our projects. Maximising client’s satisfaction while respecting the environment is the essence of all our actions, from the most simple infrastructure to the most highly technical. Frank’s Building Solutions subscribes to the following core values:

@ Professionalism; @ Innovation ;@ Urgency;


We do not believe accidents are inevitable. We take every possible step to make our sites are safe places of work. Our policy: “zero accidents”.


Since every project is unique, we harness our creativity to find customised solutions that meet even the most complex requirements of our clients and the end-users.


Our company's culture of profit, which is shared by all, ensures the continuity of our business and underwrites our long-term commitment to clients.

Individual responsibility

The men and women working on our projects enjoy a wide measure of autonomy and have all the means they need to do their job. In return, we expect loyalty and transparency.

Frank’s Building Solutions offers a full span of construction services which include the following:

1.  a) Construction consultancy

The Ideology

Construction management is one of the most vital elements of effective construction as it gives a guideline on cost, implementation and timeframe. We ensure that our client does not spend more than required for a quality product or output.

Under a Construction Management contract, the client secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with trade contractors and suppliers.

This early collaboration promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start, creating an environment for success. FBS is a flexible construction company that will operate under various contract types and fee structures (e.g., cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, percentage fee, and fixed fee) to meet the client’s needs.

Benefits to you:-

(i).      As a Construction Manager, Frank’s Building Solutions applies its expansive knowledge of construction costs, schedule, and market trends to help ensure                 the project is executed within your fiscal guidelines. Frank Building Solution’s goal is to value engineer projects to find alternative construction methods and                     materials that will result in quality enhancements, serviceability, and life cycle improvements.

(ii).    Frank’s Building Solutions provides advice on all or part of the project cost, minimizing the risk associated with having an incomplete scope of work during               preconstruction. The final cost, however, remains with you, as all project costs are typically reimbursable.  

(iii).  Frank’s Building Solutions is a construction contractor ideally positioned to offer national programs to clients with multisite operations.

(a)      Preconstruction Services

When Frank’s Building Solutions’ project team is engaged to provide preconstruction services during the design phase, clients receive valuable input when the most critical project decisions are being made about their projects. 


Seeing the immense picture

Frank’s Building Solutions applies knowledge of construction services and current market conditions to make suggestions, evaluate alternatives, and offer advice to the project team. As a result of this early collaboration, FBS incorporates the required materials, systems, and elements into construction documents to efficiently and safely build the project without impacting the functional or aesthetic design. 

The Value to you

You will realize significant cost savings through accurate cost analysis, innovative and efficient construction plans, and enhanced schedule control.

As an added benefit, Frank’s Building Solutions offers the services of an internal Peer Review Team of seasoned construction professionals, who provide additional constructability advice before the design develops into a workable construction plan. In particular, FBS looks at the advantages of overlapping design with construction.

Value Engineering

Frank’s Building Solutions is a construction company with a track record for examining design and construction alternatives that enhance the performance of the product, while providing opportunities for cost savings right from up-front design, and later into construction, operation, completion and maintenance.

(b) Project Management System

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bridge or an airport excellent project management is behind the success of any construction project. Frank’s Building Solutions has a proprietary in-house project management system that takes a plan from concept to completion.


FBS’s project management system integrates several aspects of construction management including

  • Budgeting
  • Subcontract initiation/tracking
  • Costing and forecasting
  • Production
  • Reporting

Frank’s Building Solutions’ project management system also ties into several of the organization’s other business platforms including its client management and accounting systems, its People and Projects database, and its BEST Estimating system. With twelve modules ranging from project setup to costing and forecasting, FBS’s project management system ensures efficient, cost-effective completion of projects.

Added Value

When delivering construction services, Frank’s Building Solutions’ team has the advantage of experience on their side. FBS’s project management system integrates knowledge gained through more than 8 years of lessons learned as a construction company and construction contractor.

(c) Project implementation & Execution

Services Rendered:-

a)    General Building and Construction

We build according to specification, thus building works for New erections, additions and alteration, turn key projects which include:

       1)   Residential
             . Wall fence
             . Homes building, Renovations and Maintenance.
             . Duplexes
             . Complexes

      2)  Commercial
             . Office Blocks
             . Schools
             . Shopping Malls and Complexes
             . Car Dealerships
             . Specific Construction

      3)  Industrial
            . Ware house
            . Firms
            . Factories
             . . . Brickworks, Plastering, Concrete, Steel Structures


Tennis Courts

Frank’s Building Solutions has a tremendous team that mainly focuses on the custom construction of tennis for specific area. Upon demand we deploy a skilled task team that will construct a tennis court beyond your satisfaction, where you would just come in and serve the ball and according to specification.

Our sphere includes:

- New Tennis Court
- Tennis Court repairs and refurbishments,
- Marking
- Erection of new tennis court fence
- Repairs of tennis court fence and gate



Where our expert, specialized team execute with precision, to deliver an outstanding outcome, that goes beyond our customer’s expectations.

Finishes are one the most important factors after the building phase has been completed to give the building that exquisite look and acquire value for money-property worth. It is important that they are done efficiently and durable.