Welcome to Frank Building solutions (Pty) Ltd



To be South Africa’s leading integrated service provider, by pursuing to be at the fore front through integrity, passion and service excellence.

To offer quality integrated services that meet national and international standards that go beyond our client’s expectations.

To deliver our services according to specification, cordially employing a disciplined approach working closely with our clients and stakeholders.

To increase the levels of quality in the service delivery industry, by cordially employing a disciplined approach that meets our national and international standards.

Strive to seek maximum customer satisfaction by working closely with our clients, architects, engineers, suppliers and the stake holders at large.

To constantly provide cutting edge knowledge, expect training and quality service to the industry respectively.

Contribute in the skills transfer by empowering women with knowledge and skills in an industry that is mainly male dominated.


To be one of the most reputable black owned company known for quality integrated service delivery.
To be an international building services company recognized as the fastest-growing company of its kind through excellent service and unmatched value.
To positively contribute in the transformation of the broad base black economic empowerment pyramid by empowering previously disadvantaged community members through skills transfer and development.

To produce a skilled, innovative and service excellent work force that will improve the quality of service delivery in the industry.


Excellence through service.
The Formation

The company Frank Building Solutions was founded by Mr. Frank Bheki Sibanda in 2006, after dropping out of University, studying Bcom Logistics Degree due to Financial Constraints.

It is after writing his exams that he implemented his entrepreneur skills and diverse business skills which he had previously acquired and employed at National Tile Traders, from a mere Shelve painter and store packer, to Sales Rep, to Senior sales Rep, to Assistant Branch Manager and to being the Branch Manager over a period of three years, between 2003 and 2005.

Mr. Frank Bheki Sibanda then incorporated a Construction company as a Sole Trader that he named” Phie Housing Contractors Cc” which later grew and diversified to seed Phie Logistics Cc a dimensional company which now trades in the honor of the brains behind the model and that expressly portrays the brand - Frank Building Solutions.

Frank Building Solutions (FBS) is an aggressive, highly competitive and value-oriented company that strives to be the leading full service building and property maintenance, management and services provider in Province and beyond. Consequently, it has Three (3) specialized divisions in its dynamics that it cordially plans and co-ordinates to lead in the respective industries by deploying a highly qualified, skilled and experienced task team to deliver quality service and expertise that go beyond our client’s expectations and supreme significance, thus:

1. The Building & Construction Division
2. The Cleaning Division
3. The Security & Safety Division


Frank’s Building Solutions strives for maximum customer satisfaction in all its categoric divisions, through a combined effort of planning, resource management, and leading in the service delivery.

Consequently, we effectively co-ordinate and organize our resources to attain and meet our client’s needs and requirements. We are efficient because of our strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis strategies implemented periodically as the needs arise. This enables us to provide the right service at the right time, price and quality.

Furthermore, we have a culture of closely monitoring all our projects and constantly provide a periodic report and feedback to our clients, hence the satisfaction of our clients beyond their expectations.

In our diversity we provide an intensive training to our workforce in their specialized divisions that empowers them with essential basic work standards that cover inter-personal relations, integrity, hygiene and safety.

Frank’s Building Solutions is efficient and effective in its service delivery because of our specialized and skilled teams that work competitively to achieve their divisional targets, company’s goals and objectives at large. Thus, for each specialty a skilled, experienced and dedicated team is deployed to execute the specific task at hand, which is mainly boosted by our internal skills development training, which equips our employees with knowledge, safety tips and drills, so as to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and safety during service delivery for both our employees and clients.

Frank’s Building Solutions seeks to provide an all in one service delivery umbrella to increase and maximize customer satisfaction from their satisfied clients and new clients.

As an SME , we diversified to aid the government and large companies to efficiently achieve their targets in the service delivery industry at large, by facilitating a platform for effective implementation and execution of various projects and tasks in the niche segments. Consequently, we positively contribute to the shift and transformation of the broad base black economic equity pyramid, through skills transfer and development, thus contribute towards the attainment and fulfillment of service delivery and job creation by our government.